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Teachers Defence Service represents teachers in regulatory cases at the GTCS Scotland, TRA England, GTCNI Northern Ireland, EWC Wales. For more details: Select your Regulator.

Below we answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about how we operate and on the assistance we can provide and the fees that we charge. 

Does Teachers Defence Service just represent Teachers?

Teachers Defence Service represents teachers and lecturers and others connected with teaching who need to be registered with a teaching regulator to be able to practise in a teaching type role. We represent teachers in all regulatory matters (registration, conduct investigations and hearings), as well as some other areas of law, such as employment, criminal records and barring, some civil and criminal aspects, in some jurisdictions of the United Kingdom. We also work with other lawyers across the UK, to be able to provide a comprehensive service. We can set out recommendations as to the best approach in a given case, and the most suitable lawyer to use, which in some cases may be a lawyer external to Teachers Defence Service.

Does Teachers Defence Service charge fees?

Teachers Defence Service is a privately funded law service, rather than a publicly funded one. It is notorously difficult for teachers to obtain legal aid in regulatory matters, except in relation to appeals where it may be available if there is sufficient merit and if a means test is met. If a teacher has an insurance product, it may meet the costs of some or all of the fees for advice and representation. We can discuss fees with you and give you an estimate of likely costs. Our fees are competitive. Note that you would not be signing up to a long and binding contract with us. If at any time you no longer wish to use our services there would be no problem with that. We would send you a client care letter setting out our terms and fees at the beginning of any arrangement. We ask that fees are paid in advance of work being undertaken, in most cases. we are happy to be instructed by your own lawyer, in your own jurisdiction, as well, where our professional statutory regulations permit this.

Does Teachers Defence Service provide advice, without representation at a hearing?

Our team can advise you on the steps to take in relation to a given matter, assist with statements and exhibits, obtaining disclosure, and assisting with written submissions. You are not obligated to instruct us to deal with every aspect of your case. If you prefer to do the preparation yourself, with a bit of guidance, but use our services for the hearing, we may be able to work with you on that basis. That being said, it is good preparation that gets results at hearings and so there would be a minimum amount of lawyer preparation that would be needed in any case.

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