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Use of this website is in accordance with the terms and policies set out in the various links below. Note: Our principle lawyers are regulated in England and Wales and can undertake all legal work in those countries (inlcuding regulatory law, civil law and criminal law cases, and appeals). Dependent on the regulations of a particular country of the UK, we can advise and represent you in certain matters related to Teaching anywhere in the UK. Regulations permit us to represent teachers before the teaching regulators of the four countries of the United Kingdom. We also work with lawyers in Scotland and Northern Ireland where they may be better suited to advise and represent you in relation to some other areas of law, such as criminal and civil law, and in appeals. We can often work with your own established lawyer, to advise you on legal and regulatory matters relating to teachers. Or recommend suitable lawyers to help you with certain aspects outside of our rights of audience and litigation powers (the regulations that restrict which lawyers can operate in certain areas of law within the four jurisidctions of the United Kingdom).  Contact us to see how we can assist you. We will advise you on the scope and limits of our practice. Our lawyers carry indemnity insurance for all work that they undertake on your case. We also operate a complaints process, in accordance with the Legal Ombudsman for England and Wales.

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Teachers Defence Service

Providing legal services to teachers and lecturers in the uk

Our regulators require us to have in place various compliance documents, which you can locate on our Compliance page. On that page you can find our complaints policy, equality data, our privacy, data and cookie policies – for how we handle your data. Our data controller is our CEO/HoC.

Our lawyers provide legal services to teachers and lecturers and others allied to the teaching profession. We can advise schools and university staff. For details of our fees see out fees page.

Lay clients (teachers and lecturers etc.) will be sent a client care letter setting out our terms prior to undertaking legal services work. Payment may be required in advance. Solicitors and other lawyers who instruct us on behalf of a client will be subject to the Bar Council’s standard terms for the instruction of barristers in England and Wales. This website is not a substitute for legal advice.